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PEACEMAN is a superhero whose goal is to convince political figures, the media and people of various nations that in order to save life on Earth, it is necessary to achieve PEACE / PEACE between all countries and nations.
It all started with the fact that a successful businessman, a famous showman and producer, the owner of an elite metropolitan strip club - Lucky Lee, decided to make a documentary that tells about a new entertainment industry in Russia - namely, about striptease. The film is called "Mission: StriPeace-Unbelievable".

The film has collected a galaxy of awards from renowned film festivals and competitions:
- "Best Foreign Film" at The Colorado Film International Film Festival in the United States
- Nomination "Gallery of portraits of prominent people" at the International Peacekeeping Film Festival "I Love the World" in Yalta
- Platinum Reel Award Winners nomination at the 2017 Nevada Film Festival

Then, in 2018, Lucky Lee received the Order "For Contribution to the Social Activities of Russia" from the hands of a trustee of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Associating these events with the overwhelming popularity of various peacekeeping campaigns and projects, Lucky realized the significance and universal approval of his peacekeeping program.

As a result of this, he came to the conclusion that the activities of PeaceMana are not indifferent to the society of not only Russia, but also receive the approval of the peoples of the countries from all over the world. So there was the last transformation of Lucky Lee from a peacemaker to a peacemaker-blogger.

Lucky understood, because he must convey his worldview to as many people as possible. To this end, he launched his own Youtube channel LuckyLee69.

This channel is the main focus of LuckyLeeProject. there is no doubt that media is the key to both the financial and mental well-being of the entire PeaceMan project. That is why all communication media for bringing information were transferred to the media plane. To expand the reach of the audience and achieve the goals of the PeaceMan project as soon as possible, a global strategic plan was developed for the development and promotion of a new large project, combining all existing and innovative creative ideas, under the name Peace.HOME.
We are making great strides and are always developing! Here are some facts about how we work:
6 years
We started in 2013 and are developing all the time.
15 projects
Implemented projects from 2014 to 2019 dedicated to Peacekeeping
17 awards
Received for Peacekeeping
9 countries
In which PEACEMAN and his team held their promotions and events
We will be happy to hear new ideas and answer your questions. You can contact us in any way convenient for you: