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About Vote4Peace
Goal of the Vote4Peace Movement

Assistance in creating conditions for the unification of the peoples of the world on a spiritual basis, friendship, mutual assistance and tolerance;

Contributing to the strengthening of peace, friendship and harmony among peoples, the prevention of social, national, religious conflicts;

Mission Vote4Peace

Change public consciousness and carry knowledge of wisdom, beauty, perfection and justice

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About "Vote4Peace"

The Vote4Peace movement is the only non-governmental organization in Russia that is engaged in peace and understanding between the peoples of the United States and Russia. The online petition on change.org has gathered more than 100,000 votes in support of lifting the sanctions and limiting the arms race between Russia and the United States. In addition, more than 11,000 live signatures (bulletins) against nuclear war were collected during our peacekeeping operations. The activists of our movement - the most beautiful girls in Russia - under the slogan: "Beauties will save the world!" Collected signatures for peace in Russia, America, Europe and Asia.
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We support the initiative of a peacekeeping public organization

Vote4Peace.ru / VoteZamir.ru and its leader, peacekeeper Lucky Lee, to conduct the All-Russian, public, public competition "Peacekeeping Talents of Russia", which aims to identify the best peacekeeping practices, demonstrate the diversity of cultural initiatives and will update the image of Russia as a peacekeeping power. The contest "Peacekeeping Talents of Russia" will make the peacekeeping process large-scale and attracting the attention of the broad masses of the population in Russia, and later around the world.

If you do not engage in and support the world, then there will never be peace — there will never be!

Create a wave of peacemaking!

If it is important for you to keep the WORLD in the whole WORLD, support Lucky Lee's peacekeeping initiatives by donating any amount. Create a wave of peacemaking! BECOME FOR PEACE!